Retailers Barrage Pack Assorted (Razzle)
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Retailers Barrage Pack Assorted


9 High Quality Barrages A stunning range of barrages ideal as a display on their own or a superb addition to any display! Order early, these sold out last year!

1 x Devils Fire – 25 shots of multi-coloured star bursts
1 x Monster Mash – Large coloured bursts with coloured mines & 5 shot finale!
1 x Fishes and Seahorses – silver fish in a blue sea, strobing cascades, brocade horse tails
1 x Triple Attack – fanned barrage to give a huge spread across the sky
1 x Shanghai Cyclones – silver spinners to large bursts
1 x Willow Trees – large cascading willow bursts
1 x Mighty Crowns – coloured crown bursts with colour change tips
1 x Space Detonation – large mines with bursts overhead – very impressive
1 x Dizzy Dinosaur – Excellent firework creating brocade bursts with blue, red & green stars.

Includes portfires.

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Retailers Barrage Pack Assorted (Razzle)

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